Alerts and Notifications

You can get alerts whenever your strategy has an order related event. These events are:

  • New market order to buy or sell
  • Close order
  • New pending order to buy or sell
  • Take profit reached
  • Stop loss reached
  • Pending order executed
  • Pending order expired
  • Margin call: No money

Alerts will only be generated when a strategy is running. To start a strategy, select it from the list, and click the icon. Then open the settings tab. To switch the strategy on, click the Running toggle switch as shown in the screen below.

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Running a strategy

You can only switch on a strategy that has been trained and is valid. To create a working strategy, follow the steps in this page. Once the strategy is switched on it will run in real time and generate trade signals and alert these as notifications when they happen.

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Alert notifier

If a strategy has any active alerts, they will appear in the list as shown in the tab above.

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Pending orders with alerts

To view any alerts, click either the Open, Pending, or Closed tabs to show the trade history. If there’s active alert, the row will be marked with a bell icon as in the example screen above.

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Order detail

Clicking any row will expand it and show the trade details. Clicking on a row deactivates the alert so that it will no longer appear in your notifications. Alerts will automatically expire after a few days if they aren’t deactivated.

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Notifications tab

Alerts are also notified in the top toolbar. A yellow icon will appear when there are alerts to be reviewed. Open the list by clicking on the notifications icon to reveal the list as shown above. If you click on any alert it will open the alert page and display that alert.

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Switch on notifications

If you want to receive an email whenever a new alert arrives, you can do that by switching on the setting in your profile. Click the profile link from the top tool bar. Click the edit button then the notifications tab. In that tab, set the email notification switch as required.

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