What is Tradoso

Tradoso lets you turn your trading ideas into automated trading algorithms quickly and easily.

The average time to create and test a trade system on Tradoso is less than 5 minutes. You can try out the effectiveness of your idea yourself and discover successful trading strategies without needing to understand computer code.

Tradoso provides you with the ultimate what-if tool. Not having to think about software and other technicalities will free you to be creative and challenge ingrained wisdom. Our integrated platform gives you the ability to discover unique trading systems that can give you an edge in the market.

With conventional algorithmic trading, you must either write the code yourself using rules or a scripting language or hire a professional developer to do it for you. Then it needs to be deployed, tested and refined until it produces acceptable trading results.

Our easy strategy builder puts the power of algo trading at your fingertips. It lets you turn any trade idea into a working system in just a few clicks. See the advantages.

Typical Expert Advisor Tradoso
Development time at least 4,6 weeks Develop in minutes
Costs hundreds, to thousands of dollars Minimal cost to run, free to test
Designed by trial and error Can be tested on the platform
Idea must be disclosed to developer Your idea stays private
Needs developer to modify Refine and change on the fly
Need to pay for boiler plate code Reuse components
Not easy to link to other systems Easily combine modules
Prone to bugs and crashes StableĀ  and systemized
Can quickly turn into maintenance headache No maintenance
Need to rent VPS servers to test & run Runs on the platform

Tradoso provides access to hundreds of standard and premium indicators that you can make use of in your own systems. You can build on these or craft your own custom logic. We provide the basic building blocks so that you can create virtually any trading logic you choose.

Indicator performance check

Build your own indicator

With our easy graphical interface you can build on a powerful library of indicators and customize it exactly to your own preference. The beauty of this is that you can test each part as you go along.

Indicator performance check

Check indicator accuracy rates

This gives you an instant “heads-up” on the reliability of any indicator, candlestick pattern, or strategy. Just click preview and see what to expect.
This checker is a strict test of ability to find good trades. It strips away other things that can disguise a bad strategy.

Some traders go on for years trusting the same flawed indicators, making losses and wondering why.

Pro Members see right through that and know in an instant what works and what doesn’t.

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Create trade alerts

You can get a full breakdown of performance using our full testing suite. With this you can put a strategy through a basic test, a stress test, or blind test.

Get an instant easy visual breakdown of your strategy, optimized under different scenarios.

By running the strategy through thousands of configurations, our optimizer lets you see graphically what to expect from different setups.

Who knows! There could be massive performance gains you’re missing out on!

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Do stress tests

Once you’re ready, just set your strategy going and it will run ’round the clock’ on our servers and send alerts to your mobile or inbox.

Switch on trade alerts and get notified whenever it sees a new trade hit.

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Run optimizations

Get Started

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