How to Create a Watchlist

A watchlist is a list of symbols that appears in the left sidebar. To create a custom watchlist, go to this page. Click the button New List to reveal the box.

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New watchlist

Enter the name of the list. Click the checkbox if you want the list to appear as a shortcut in the drop down menu.

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Add symbols

After creating the list you’ll need to add some symbols. To add symbols, click the plus button at the bottom right of the page. Click on any of the symbols to add it to your list. To do a symbol search, click the spy glass icon on the top of the tab.

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Showing symbols

Once you’ve chosen the symbols to add, click the Add Symbols button in the bottom menu. The symbols will be added to your list. Repeat this process until you have all of the required symbols.

To set the list as the default, click the row of your chosen list so that a tick appears next to it. This is now your default list and it will appear in the left sidebar.

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List of watchlists

To change back to the default list, click the expand icon in the left sidebar. Then click Default list.

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Watchlist menu

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