Auto Training

Auto train is there to help you test different training sets. It allows you to generate a set of training points easily to test different scenarios. Auto train will create training trades at random, so these may not be optimum for a given strategy.

Auto train settings

To begin auto training, you’ll need to have a strategy with at least one indicator. If necessary, follow this tutorial to create a new strategy.

Switch on training mode by clicking the hat icon in the toolbar. Then select the auto train tab, and configure the settings as needed.

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Set the indicators

  • Side: Choose between buys, sells or both
  • Number of training points: Set the maximum number of points
  • Trade time: Enter the average trade time
  • Reset: When switched on, any existing points will be deleted

Auto train will only generate trades that are within the chart’s date range. Note as well that many indicators will have a lead time so there may not be coverage at the start of the chart’s date range. For example, a 200-day moving average has it’s first point at the 200th bar on the time series.

When you’ve configured the above settings click the button Create Points. Once complete, click the first tab, Training Points again to review the generated points.

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Mark training points

Check and review the training points on the chart, and delete any as necessary. You can delete a training point from the list by clicking the cross in the appropriate row.

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Mark training points

If the training set is acceptable, click the Train button to begin training.

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